Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai : 28 Neighbourhoods Renamed

Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

Navigating the Future: Dubai’s Innovative Approach to Road Namin

In the heart of the Middle East, Dubai stands as a beacon of modernity and cultural richness. The city, known for its breathtaking skyline and pioneering spirit, has embarked on an innovative journey to redefine its urban landscape. Spearheaded by His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality and Chairman of the Dubai Road Naming Committee, a novel approach to road naming is unfolding. This initiative is more than just assigning names; it’s about weaving the fabric of Dubai’s identity, legacy, and vision for the future into its very streets.

The Genesis of a Visionary Approach

Dubai’s road naming process transcends conventional methods. It’s an ingenious blend of names and numbers, designed to simplify navigation for vehicles and tourists alike. This approach aligns seamlessly with Executive Council Decision No. 35 of 2021, reflecting Dubai’s commitment to excellence as a global metropolis. Under this framework, the Committee has developed a meticulous selection process, linking each road’s name to its unique attributes and significance, thereby showcasing Dubai’s cultural wealth and forward-thinking ethos.

Name Changed Of Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai and Neighbourhoods :

Area Code Old Name New Name
284 Al Khawaneej Third Al Ttay
384 Al Medhmar Al Thanyah Second
321 Al Mina Madinat Dubai Al Melaheyah
383 Al Safouh Third Al Thanyah First
312 Al Suq Al Kabeer (Dubai) Al Souq Al Kabeer
531 Dubai Industrial City First Saih Shuaib 2
532 Dubai Industrial City Second Saih Shuaib 3
533 Dubai Industrial City Third Said Shuaib 4
393 Emirates Hills First Al Thanyah Fifth
388 Emirates Hills Second Al Thanyah Third
394 Emirates Hills Third Al Thanyah Fourth
412 Festival City Second Al Kheeran
683 Golf City Al Hebiah Fifth
599 Jabal Ali Industrial Jabal Ali Industrial First
591 Jebel Ali Village Jabal Ali First
681 Jumairah Village First Al Barsha South Fourth
684 Jumairah Village Second Al Barsha South Fifth
674 Motor City Al Hebiah First
664 Ranches Wadi Al Asafa 6
345 Sheikh Zayed Road Burj Khalifa
682 Sport City Al Hebiah Fourth
675 Sport City First Al Hebiah Second
911 UM NAHED 1 Madinat Hind 1
912 UM NAHED 2 Madinat Hind 2
913 UM NAHED 3 Madinat Hind 3
914 UM NAHED 4, Al Yufrah 2, Al Yufrah 3 Madinat Hind 4
340 Al Goze Second Ghadeer Al Tair
513 Esalel Madinat Latifa
Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

First Steps in Al Khawaneej 2

The first phase of this ambitious program is already visible in the Al Khawaneej 2 neighborhood. Here, road names have been carefully chosen to reflect local flora, such as Al Ghaf Street, symbolizing the city’s natural history. This thoughtful nomenclature not only enhances the area’s character but also sets a precedent for future development initiatives, where names will play a crucial role in defining sectors and regions.

The Concept of Inference: A Cognitive Connection

At the core of this naming process is the concept of inference. This methodology establishes a cognitive link between names, roadside signs, and unique site elements, facilitating effortless navigation for visitors. The intuitive location identification system embeds road signs with distinct characters that encapsulate the essence of each name, benefiting both commercial and public sector enterprises.

Fostering Community Involvement

In an exemplary display of inclusivity, the Committee plans to invite public participation in naming future roads. This initiative will consider the distinctive qualities and activities associated with specific areas, underlining Dubai’s commitment to involving its inhabitants in shaping the city’s landscape.

Redefining Districts: A Harmonic Balance of Tradition and Modernity

The project also encompasses the renaming of several districts within Dubai, striking a balance between tradition and modernity. Notable changes include the transformation of Motor City to Al Hebiah First, Ranches to Wadi Al Asafa 6, Sports City to Al Hebiah Fourth, and Al Quoz 2 to Ghadeer Al Tair. These changes are not mere rebranding efforts but a deeper reflection of Dubai’s evolving identity.

The Road Ahead: Strengthening Dubai’s Urban Fabric

The Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Naming Committee, comprised of esteemed individuals from diverse sectors, continues to lay the groundwork for a cityscape that is accessible and rich in identity. This strategic road nomenclature fortifies Dubai’s urban fabric, ensuring that every street, avenue, and boulevard resonates with the city’s heritage and aspirations.


As Dubai continues its journey towards becoming a model city, its innovative road naming initiative stands as a testament to its visionary leadership and commitment to cultural integration. The roads of Dubai are not just pathways of travel; they are narratives of the past, present, and future, inviting residents and visitors alike to explore and experience the essence of this dynamic city. In this endeavor, Dubai sets a global standard, demonstrating how urban planning can be both functional and meaningful, resonating with the soul of a city that looks forward, even as it honors its roots.

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